I have chosen a new path. One that leads both physically and metaphorically to the design and constructing of our new home.

The year is 2011 and economic times are causing many people to start over and rethink the way they live. I am one of those people.

Once upon a time, consumption and possessions was at its peak in our household.  Until, what seems like over night, everything changed. My family and I lost our business and in turn, our home. What should have been a tragedy (and at times certainly felt that way) has turned into one of God’s greatest blessings on my life.  The metaphorical plank in my eye has been removed and now I see the importance and purpose in this life that I may never have come to know otherwise.  To walk in faith. To be bold. Give selflessly and joyfully. To share my passion of design with others.

SO! Today, I sit before my computer, inviting you to follow me in the remaking and rebuilding of a new life. The construction of our new home.

Along this journey I will be documenting the design choices being made to create our new home along with pictures of the ongoing process. By the end of this journey I will reveal the budget we had to work within and I know you will all be surprised.