The plans were selected for our new home. The architectural and design choices called for several revisions, but fortunately, Jim (the hubby) shares the same enthusiasm and drive for this project as I do. Collaboratively we were able to create a space that would function for our family’s needs, my design aesthetic and of utmost importance, mindfulness of our overall budget.

It was a quiet morning in November, I was alone at the property envisioning our new life that was soon to begin. I remember closing my eyes and feeling the sun on my face and a stillness that took over. Tears came to my eyes with such an instant rush of gratitude for where I was now standing. I had the physical sensation that comes when joy fills up your spirit and I could only say “thank you Father for your mighty blessings”.  I began to pray over our future home and for the blessing of the hands that worked towards our goal.

Before it began

I continue with the same prayerfulness of gratitude into the upcoming month of January.

Now, the foundation has been poured, framing, plumbing, electrical and roof have been most interestingly accomplished.

Next phase, the siding, windows and doors are to be installed.

Again, the minimal budget we have to work within has dictated every single choice we are making. As you will come to see, the finished selections will not be the most desirable, high-end that I have to choose from. However, the only limitation I have to a beautiful and welcoming home in the end, is my imagination.