New Years is coming up this weekend and while many plans were in the works for an exciting NYE party, all that went to pot when I got the call.

My best friend Maria, who lives in Jacksonville Florida, sent me a picture message yesterday asking if I was interested in 3 free toilets. Ummm…yeah! What’s the story I asked. Well, as it turns out, an architect client of hers is doing a toilet upgrade and was tossing out these three Kohler beauties. I quickly went online to read about this particular model only to realize each one would have cost me around $700.00 a piece. They are in sparkling, like new condition and I am on a sparkling, tight budget. Stands to reason we are headed out on a spontaneous, lucrative road trip come Friday morning.

Potty time!

It is this kind of  accumulative savings that make a big impact on our final budget. By tweaking a little here and a little there, the closer I get to the smash-up finishes that a girl’s gotta have to make it her home.

Lastly, in honor of my dear and thoughtful friend, the guest bath of our home will heretofore be titled: Maria’s Throne, so, to all my soon to be guests, please refer to accordingly. I am certain she will be thrilled.

May everyone have a safe and happy new year! Potty on!