In order for the framers to do their job, one of the first selections needing to be made was the front door.

The plans originally called for a single front door, but that was not going to be my truth. Given the smaller footprint of this house, I needed a double hung door with lots of glass to allow the light to pass through the space. I needed to see my unendingly peaceful view. I needed light to pour into my home adding to the sense of openness. You should have seen my husband’s face when I sprung these “needs” on him at the store.

The day we went shopping, Jim, all prepared to select a single front door, was confused why I kept pawing these gorgeous custom double hung doors. The conversation went like this:

Me: Oh my gosh, these are beautiful. I want these. I wonder how much they are.

Jim: Walk away. These doors are not in our budget. Besides, we are looking for a single. We can not afford this kind of change to our budget.

Now, I appreciate Jim’s practicality in balancing my loftier “needs”, I know I can get hyper about these things. He is pretty good at helping me stay grounded so I don’t float away and I know this is a good thing. Just not today, not with these doors. They had my name on them the minute I saw them. And so it went:

Me: Babe, think about how much light will flood this space with double doors. Let’s at least get a price on these and go from there.

Calling the salesman over I asked him how much these doors would be. Unsure, he said he would need to get his manager over. Meanwhile, Jim has found a lovely single front door that I just KNOW will not be going in my home if I can help it.

The manager comes over and Jim asks how much for his door to be framed as a double hung. “Only $700.00” the manager answers. Stepping in, I then say, well, if you can do $700.00 on these doors, let’s do $700.00 on the ones over here (MY doors). Mike, the manager, kind of laughs and says, “oh, those were  custom doors that retail for $3,500.00, I can do $1200.00”. 

With a bold assertiveness that comes over me when I get a case of the “want-ese”  I said, (tongue in cheek with fingers crossed) let’s meet in the middle at $750.00 cash,  and we will take them today. CLEAN UP IN ISLE FOUR! Jim’s jaw made an audible cracking sound as he stood biting back his disbelief.

But, here is our new front door, thank to Southern Surplus, in all of its clad, double hung, arched glory.

Welcome home


Now, from a technical aspect, it is important to note the available options for your doors. Traditionally exterior doors swing/open into your space, but due to our limited space, we opted to have our doors swing out, which frees up our interior square footage allowing for ease of movement in and out of our space.
No matter how you swing it, the front door of your home speaks to what lies inside, so make it your own. Style, color, solid or paned, let your front door tell a story of what’s to come, as they say, “First impressions are everything”. Be amazing!