I feel like an elephant is sitting on my neck and the thought that comes to mind is, to bad I can’t have an elephant’s memory then it might make it worth the weight. But I digress…

The stress of building a home is like a rolling stone that gathers no moss. It keeps on rolling no matter what, never slowing down and in this case, momentum is allowing  all obstacles in its path to be crushed, namely, me.

As a designer, I hope to get the full scope of a project from the onset.  But in my mere human form, I may miss things. Like the fact that our kids small bedrooms could gain six feet of space if  we created a knee wall and extended the wall out. Admittedly, this is no little thing, but in the altering of our original house plans, it was looked upon as not necessary so I let it go.

It wasn’t until the house was completely framed up that I saw the opportunity to grab a hold of it again. What to me sounded like a simple change order is really a form of tortured angst to come. Instead of being able to just move that “little wall” no questions asked, there are several factors that vie for attention.

For starters, the HVAC was set to have its duct work running where I want the new walls to be. Secondly, we would need to get an engineer on site to see if structurally this change can be made without hampering the integrity of the roof (personally, I think it would be just fine, but seeing as I am no engineer, my opine and general musings,  don’t get a vote).

So, the phone call was made to our HVAC guy first. Simply put, his response was no, not possible. Which left me with my answer. Or so one would think.

Never one to take no for an answer, I ran into the HVAC guy working on our house Saturday and brought the conversation up with him again. And would you know, to my great delight, he had a brand new answer for me. One that brings me back to a place of peace and hope that all will be right and balance  restored to my world. He told me that after thinking about it, he realized it could be done and then walked me through the steps to make it happen.

Ya me!

But don’t get to excited, as this elation was short-lived.

Talking to the HVAC contractor on Saturday meant that a decision had to be made right then, in order to avoid a return trip, which would increase our contracted price agreement.  No bueno for our budget.

The problem with making a decision on the spot, was my husband being out-of-town for the weekend and unable to be reached. Yet I had to make a decision NOW! So I went for it. Knowing that there would be no price increase and with the assurance that even if we could not afford the wall to be moved at this time, we would at least be set up for that change later down the road.

Well, let me open up my window even wider and air my dirty laundry folks. My husband, shouldering so much of the stress that goes into building a home, was not happy with me. This is putting it mildly. He doesn’t appreciate that I have a hard time accepting answers that aren’t in alignment with my way of thinking. In my defense, I feel like I was just born this way and it is an ingrained component of my temperament.

I have found that often time you have to be persistent with what you want and take a risk by sticking your neck out there and making Johnny on the Spot decisions. Often time contractors are quick to say no to things because of the perceived inconvenience it causes them. I like to challenge them to think outside the box and be unconventional. In this instance, HVAC guy did just that. So cheers to you HVAC guy!

I stand firm in my decision. One had to be made. It made sense logistically, financially not to mention aesthetically.

Now, the question remains, will I be able to enlarge the kids rooms? The jury is still out on that one, but I am keeping my fingers, legs and eyes crossed that it all works out for the greater good. Stay tuned.