As follow-up to my last post, I now have my answer to whether or not the walls will be moved, to my great delight, the answer is yes.

Initially I was hopeful that we would gain 6′, however, structurally we are unable to move the wall that far back, so instead we will be gaining 2′. SOLD!!! It may not sound like a lot, but it is the difference of adding a larger dresser in the kids rooms that would not have fit otherwise. This is a victory as far as I am concerned which leads to the eternal important topic of space planning.

As part of the plan selections and design process, one of the main ingredients that had to be considered was the existing furniture I have and how to make it work in our new space. As I mentioned in my previous post, we are consolidating from a 5/5 to a 3/2.5 home, which means not everything is going to work without carefull editing and space planning.

Taking inventory of our “possessions” (I use the term loosely having learned that I don’t own anything in this life), I selected my most favorite pieces and have used them as a springboard to design our space around.

For example, I have a 7′ bookcase that I wanted to use in my reading nook. If I were to of taken our original house plans at face value, I would never have been able to use this particular piece due to the window placement.  With the proper space planning, we were able to move the window and gain valuable wall space in which to rest my lovely bookcase.

Another example:  we have built on a slab, any floor outlets to be installed had to be determined before the concrete was poured. This required that I know in which ways I would be likely to arrange my space in order to conceal the floor outlet. Through the process of measuring each individual piece of furniture, creating templates for them and arranging the template within our space, I was able to decide the best location for the floor outlets.

To be still and thoughtful. To walk through the space physically and in my mind, allows me to gain a sense of space and how my family will live in this home. Without careful space planning, what could have been an amazing home can quickly turn into a “builder grade” home.

Each family is unique. By taking the time to consider your family’s habits, you too will be rewarded with a well thought out, functional, lovely space to call home.