“Deep inhale in, slow exhale out, like your fogging up a mirror with your breath”. That is what my yoga instructor is telling me as my mind races towards my to-do list, my clients to-do lists, my children’s to-do list.

Breathe she says. It’s kind of nice having someone tell me what to do for a change. Stilling my mind, I relax a little deeper into my pose and exhale. But you can’t tame this beast.

An epiphany strikes me and I realize a solution to a design dilemma that I have been faced with for my children’s work and play area. I feel the need to jump up and type it into my notes so I don’t lose this rambling thought. I stay still instead and refocus on my breathing.

Having a creative mind helps in seeing a solution in most problems. It allows me to reinvent an ordinary item into the extra-ordinary. My mind is an adventurous stomping ground for most passing whimsy and if I don’t reach out and cherry pick the most important ideas or thoughts clamoring for attention, then it may amble on down the road leaving me to catch up with it later.

It is also a chaotic, noisy, clamoring, bumbling, stumbling moshpit of thoughts and ideas that come together with a melodious, symphonic, clanging bash that resonates as pure energy throughout my body. I prefer to call it passion for the love of what I do.

Simply stated, it is hard for me to be still. Truthfully, I prefer things this way.

Which leads me to yoga. Faithfully for 14 years I have practiced yoga not only for the enjoyment and peace of mind, but as an ongoing tool to aid in quieting my thoughts. I sometimes wish I were more restrained, and able to be more of a calming presence instead of (what feels like at times) Tasmanian Devil spinning around everywhere.

As I am getting older, I feel as though time and wisdom are aiding in this process of being more present and less, on-to-the-next-thing. Like our new home, it is an ongoing work in progress. As long as I keep my eyes on what I am called to do and remember to breathe, I can surrender the rest.