If you tied a string to me, you could call me a yo-yo. I would answer to that. Back and forth, up and down.
Or, we could say I am a lot like those little metal balls inside a pin ball machine, just pull back the handle with all your might, shoot that baby and watch it dance.
So goes the daily life of this home builder. Constant, on the fly decisions that need to be made all the while hoping and praying I’ve made the right choice, can certainly leave a girls confidence in a heaping crying mess in the corner of a dark room, slowly rocking back and forth with her color samples. Its messy folks, all those paint colors smeared on your face from drying your eyes with them.
I mean, let’s face it, a 60k budget leaves no room for mistakes.
Yesterday, I watched in teeth grinding delight as the painters came to start the exterior painting of our home. Confidently selecting our house color was not a problem, just which shade of white to commit to was the question. I not only “got this”, but am really rocking and rolling with the ease of it all.
 Now, on to choosing the color for the shutters.  Bohemian black (it was the name that sold me, for real). No sweat, this is a breeze.
 Ahhh, the front door is another story and it went something like this.
Feeling full of moxie I boldly decided long ago that my front door color needed to be a representation of what lies inside. By “inside” I mean both the physical space of the house and the colorful space of my mind. Seeing as we already talked about my mind in previous posts, I am sure you get where this might be going.
After much deliberation (at least a solid 3 minutes) I chose what is commonly referred to in laymans terms, as a royal blue for the front door. If I were to create the name of this color, it would be something like, saturated turquoise Caribbean blue. 
Here’s a glimpse of the first coat.
Again, this was from yesterday and today the paint crew is due to be finished. I know they have put on at least another 2 full coats, however, I am like a kid at a desert buffet with too many choices and have decided to wait to see the end result until it is all complete. This decision has been made in part because I am FREAKING OUT (a little bit) that I may have made a wrong choice (rather big of me to admit doncha think?) and rather than continue to toil over it, I will give this color it’s fair chance to represent, once I view it next to the black shutters, which I am hoping will tone it all down.
In my mind’s eye, the shutters are proclaiming, “THIS IS A COOL COTTAGE”, the window boxes are over flowing with seasonal flowers, and the English boxwood are all lined up against the front of the house like little soldiers protecting ones fragility as they shockingly stumble upon my front door.
Two things that I know for sure. One,  You will either love this color, or hate it, there is no room for in between. Either way, please say nothing unless it’s positive and I don’t mean, “we’ll bless your heart, good for you for embracing your mistakes”, no mam, that is not what this fragile flower needs to hear, so simmer down on the back burner.
Number two, I am quite certain that my door can now be seen from outer space, so if you ever need to come find me, just pull up google maps and do a search for “unfortunate blue door”, and there I will be, hugging my paint samples, standing firm in my boldness.