This upcoming weekend should see its way to all electrical being completed. Once done, the rough inspection will be checked off and we will be moving on to insulation, drywall and septic. WE ARE ALMOST THERE! Excuse the sappiness, but allow me take a moment to love on my husband here. Every night for 2 weeks now, my husband has faithfully and diligently come home from a long day of work, only to fasten on his tool belt and walk next door to work on our electrical. It has been long days for him and I know he is tired. I am so happy to have a man who is hands-on and gets things done. On a side note, he doesn’t look to shabby in that tool belt either…eh-hmmm, I digress.

One of the great money savers in this building process is my husbands skilled trade as an electrician. Typically, a large part of the budget goes into the wiring of a home. Now, my father owns a recycling business, which means we were able to get a huge amount of our wiring from GreenStreet Recyclers for free. Talk about cobbling things together, but hey, we are spending half the cost to wire  this home thanks to my fathers generosity and my husband sexy tool belt. Badabing!

I can feel the energy stirring inside me as I think about the end product. I am really looking forward to posting pictures soon and apologize that there have not been more. I just ordered a new camera that I know is going to be smarter than me to start with, yet, as with all things, I will dive right in and get it figured out and the result will be some awesome shots of our new home.

My closing thoughts are this, one: I am proud of the literal blood, sweat and tears that have gone into the making of this home. I feel awakened and alive. Two: Nothing tastes sweeter than the fruits of your labor. What you sew, so shall you reap.