I’m calling our new home, industrial, cottage, chic. Industrial for the more modern elements I will be putting in place.

An example of this moderninity is our concrete slab. My intention is to use a specially tailored stain for concrete that will allow a “mottled” affect, then finish it with a high gloss sealant. Here is how it should look.


Additionally, I have selected modern vanities and lighting for both the children’s bathrooms and the master bath. 

Kids bathroom vanity with one enormous sink top that covers entire surface.      Kids bathroom vanity lights 


While I appreciate the clean lines of these modern pieces, instinctually, I am drawn to rustic and unusual elements as well. Items that tell a story and breath life into a new space.

When my parents decided to take down the ancient barn that sat on their property, we jumped at the opportunity to take the barn apart piece by piece, metal roof and all, knowing that we would somehow repurpose these items into our new space.

A portion of the old barn wood is now going to be utilized in the children’s play area. I am hoping there is enough to install diagonally on the walls, but if not, it will be placed horizontally. Not only will this add depth and texture to their space, it also enables them to pin their art work and activities directly to the walls. Allowing for creative freedom is a top priority up in our dojo. This is the general idea:



I am chomping at the bit to get moved in. In my excitement, it feels like things are taking forever. Yet, as with all worthy things, the wait will be well worth it.

Head down, shoulders back, spirit strong. We forge ahead with all our strength, energy and will knowing the end is near in site.

This is the view from my nest.