HaPpY VaLeNtInEs DaY EvErYoNe!!!

While I don’t personally buy in to this manufactured holiday, it sure is nice to wake to loving sentiments and chocolate kisses from my children. Literally, chocolate kisses, as in, all over there puckered up kissers coming straight at me and Mr. Sandman who is still taking vestige in my sleep filled eyes.

The joyfullness and excitement my children are feeling this morning as they face a day of sugar overdosing and candied coated card exchanges is contagious.

My excitement comes from a different source. After being out-of-town last week, Jim still had some electrical work to come home and complete before calling in our inspection. He was anticipating another 2 days to finish and as I mentioned before, this is one tired man after working all day then coming home to work an additional 4-5 hours at our house. Well, in true nose-to-the-grindstone fashion, Jim worked until completion last night and we are now ready to call in the inspection that will in turn, allow insulation, drywall and septic to get started. Happy Valentines to me! This is fantastic news, as I have been feeling a lot like a plane in holding pattern, waiting for my chance to get in the house and get to work on the painting and millions of other tasks that are sure to come up.

After a budget review meeting Sunday night, it looks like we are skating in a smidge over our budget. Our goal was to get a  C.O. (certificate of occupancy) within the 60k.  After tallying all our costs out and yet to come, we are approximately $3,500 over our original goal of 60K. That is damn good. I’ll take it, and you should have one of what I’m having 😉

Truthfully, I had a moment (well, let’s call it a day) Sunday, of anxiety and stress at how on earth we are going to afford this overture. We have been all prepared to live without certain things in the beginning, but a stove, to name one, was not one of those things. My mind immediately thinks, “what can I sell to come up with additional funds’?  Liquidating belongings to help fund this project is not far-reaching at all. In fact, it is an awesome way to come up with cash when you need it. Ebay has been a great source of revenue for me, turning my children’s outgrown clothing into cash. For a few minutes of my time invested in posting a listing for sale, I can reap financial gain and not even miss what I am parting with.

So, I will be doing some posting, perhaps a kidney to those of you in need…whatever it takes. Cash in hand to move forward with our plan, (I think I just found todays motto) lol.

I am working on changing my mind-set from anxious about everything coming together, to gratitude for the opportunity to begin again. The details that pull this home together may take a moment longer to come to fruition, but they will come, and all the anxiety I stir up, does nothing to serve me. Unless it is a slice of humble pie.