It’s 7:15am. The door shuts behind my herd of elephants as they scamper off to school. “It is quiet in this house”, I think, as a smile spreads across my face at this fundamental luxury.

My little monchichis have been home on winter break for the past week, meaning: AMEN AND HALLELUJA!!!!! I have the house, finally, to my self today. Mothers? Can I get a witness?!

There is not too much to report on the home construction front. The insulation is complete and the drywall should have been, but is not quite there yet. A big BooOooO to it not being done.

Not being able to work in the house this past week, Jim and I decided to do some work on the property. I did a hard pruning to all the trees and burned off some scrub and underbrush. After a 1 minute conversation with Jim about a dead tree on our property, he was hard at work with the chain saw taking that sucker down. In retrospect, it was a little close to the house for a novice tree remover, but when we see it, we do it. However, next time we may take pause for longer than a minute, you just never can tell.

Lord have mercy and let her fall the right direction.

My mind is stirring with thoughts of finish selections and visions of a completed project. The beauty of a small bungalow likes ours (doesn’t calling it a bungalow sound much more quaint, lol) means I get to mack out the little details in our space. With a sixty thousand dollar initial budget, this will absolutely have to happen over time, but it is going to happen. I see it as clearly as if I stood before it.

I have included a few photos for your viewing pleasure and will continue to do so as things move along, enjoy!

Imagine these with matching black shutters flanking either side


Window boxes spilling over and english boxwoods as foundation plantings


Soon to be screened back porch


Kitchen window that will eventually convert to a door leading to detached garage.


Side view and temporary driveway