Grab some cheese cause you are in for a wine-y moment.

I am tired, beat down, exhausted, I have no energy and not a whole lot left to give on the emotional front unless your looking for a good ass chewin’. My patience and my mind are lost somewhere with my marbles. This house has a voracious appetite that is fueled by Jim and I’s ever-loving-last-bit of willpower and strength. I want to cry with fatigue, instead I pick up a paint brush and pay my penance.

This was going to be my facebook post last night. That was, before I realized I was running so long at the mouth it would be best to save it for my blog that I feel I’ve been neglecting.

Today, however, offers up a new set of circumstances. We are headed to Florida for a family vacation and to get goofy with Goofy. I am hoping to cram in a day at my sanctuary, the beach, and let the water and sun heal this aching body and mind.

We are entering the final stages of our home construction. It is by far, the hardest part both physically and mentally. The crunching of numbers and in turn the physical labor being put in have led to many a pity parties and woe-is-me moments. I have convinced myself that no one on the entire planet has ever worked as hard at something as we have. It has been hard, but I remind myself that victory is waiting in the wings and she is one pretty gal I look forward to seeing soon.

I hope to come back restored and invigorated for round 5 in this knock-down-drag-out fight. I’ve got my eye on the prize, it’s just a little hazy with my cataract vision at the moment.

I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to encourage us through this process, your words are like a healing balm to our tired souls.