Well. What can I say? It has been a long time since I have been able to write. In honor of being transparent, I am going to vulnerabley share the reasons why that is.

Throughout the build of this house, there were many stressful evenings that,  muddled together with fatigue and emotional lows, created a cocktail of exhaustion and frustration. I made the decision a while ago that I would rather be a positive force in this world then one who spins any kind of negativity. Because of the fragile state of mind I had found myself in with the stress of this house, my only option at the time was to be quiet until the timing was right again.

It is “right” again, so lets bring it on like Donkey Kong and get down to brass tacks.

Firstly, we are moved in! Let the church all say amen! We were able to get our C.O. (certificate of occupancy) at the end of May and moved in the day before school got out for my little mon-chi-chis. Talk about a summer par-tay! This was a cause to celebrate to be sure.

As I wrote throughout the build of this house, there were knowingly going to be things that we would wait to afford to complete as time and funds allowed. Meaning, foundational landscaping will be done this fall, coveted light fixtures will come as practical budgeting dictates. All of this has required this interior designer to practice the fine art of turning a blind eye. If you know me, you get how the perfectionist/designer in me felt about this “blind eye”  initially…I think the word anxious, colloquially sums it up.

In time, these “blinders” have narrowed my sight down in such a way that I almost don’t allow myself to even see the unfinished check list any longer, instead, my concentration focuses on maintenance and the small details that I am able to accomplish. Throughout this process from breaking ground to move in, there have been many a lesson to be learned. “Letting go” stands tall, vying for top ranking on the list.

The greatest challenge in the build of our home was keeping within the $60, 000 that we had to work with. We expected our numbers to be tight. We also knew, as time went on and budget review meetings were held, that there was unavoidably going to be some overage. Keeping those overages to a minimum were of utmost importance.

All that being said, I am proud to say, that we only came out-of-pocket $14,000 over the original budget for a final total of $74,000.00.

In this instance, pictures speak louder than words. So stay tuned for pictures to follow in the upcoming weeks as I dig out my camera and upload some shots.

All said and done, I am so happy in our new home. It is cozy, comfortable and my spirit is at peace for the first time in several years. I look out the windows, across the fields and pastures and just as the sun rises, I feel the joyfulness of new beginnings stirring  me. There is hope, and it lives inside of me.