We’ve all had them…well, most of us past our college years anyways. I’m talking about that unforgettable one (or two) night stands.The one you decide to go for in all your grown up, first taste of freedom kind of way. Yes, that infamous one night stand.

He came to me as a sloppy second, hand me down. He was by no means proud, yet served his purpose. In fact, I have still kept him around. Check him out:


Pretty sexy huh?

My very first night stand. An acquisition that has served many purposes over the years, currently as a space for my sons computer.

But seriously folks. I know, through my time in the design field that making just the right “night stand” selection can be an anxiety inducing task. I have seen how people are afraid to invest in a piece and make the wrong choice. Most homes I have been in, tend to purchase an entire bedroom group that allows for no individuality or personality of the homeowner. This, is what I call a missed opportunity.

There is a quote: “Life is a game, you can play it safe and be good, or you can take a chance and be great”-anonymous. This pertains even to the seemingly mundane option of the “night stand”. Buy the bedroom suite and be “good”? Or take a chance, explore the unexpected, and be “great”? I choose great.

Examples of lovely options.