I am standing on the edge, arms lifted high, face towards the sun. It is quiet. I am still. I hear the bird-songs harmonizing and feel a soft breeze like a child’s kiss, bring a smile to my face. With the practiced breath of yoga, I inhale all the loveliness of my surroundings and exhale. I took the time to walk in the woods. To still my mind and pray.

I stood like this for maybe two minutes, but to my spirit who needed this time alone to focus, it may as well been two hours for the restoration this brought me.

The cogs have been set in motion and I am on the path that has been patiently waiting on me until now. I, however, feel like I have waited my whole life for this moment. Curating my niche and having the confidence to grab hold of it.

Bella Patina Interiors was born in 2002. I have raised this company lovingly. It has flowed to the point of turning away clients due to time constraints, and ebbed while I chose to focus my priorities on raising my children with a solid foundation.

The time has come to move forward.

With the right people in place and a heart to grow this business into a family organization and legacy for my children, things are taking off. We are launching our monthly newsletter, have in place the infrastructure to support the growth of Bella Patina Interiors and sashaying our way to be the best we can be within the design industry.

Again, I find myself standing on the edge, arms lifted high, face towards the sun. I am quiet. I am still. Preparing to fly.

* This post is dedicated to my mother, Darryl Moore. For all your love, support and believing that I can fly. I love you.