It’s hard to justify spending money towards accessories for your home when so many other priorities are chasing after those hard-earned dollars. Trust. I understand. To help you make change with zero dollars, I have compiled a short list.

1.) Take down all your art work throughout and rehang largest pieces where you want your focal point. (Consider propping/layering art work in front of hanging pieces for greater interest).

mantle styling

2.) Edit! Take away visual clutter. Your eyes need a place to rest. If a room has to many things vying for attention, the result is a low-lying anxiety.
There is an inherent sense of calm when your home feels well-organized, clean and decluttered. Those stacks and piles that you have meant to get to. Well, get to it. Create files, label and alphabetize things. Even if time does not allow for a thorough sorting, you can still put things in their assigned space for later exploration. Once you develop a system that works for you, it will WORK for you.

organize it

3.) Reinvent the wheel. Sometimes, we buy items for a specific space and then are unable to realize its fullest potential may best be used elsewhere.
Take your classic suit for example. If you only ever wear this suit together and have yet to pair jeans with that blazer, you are missing out on the opportunity to expand, enhance and create an entirely new look.
Same is true with the pieces in your home. We all need to reinvent our paradigms occasionally. Move things from room to room. Try it out, even if you feel unsure. Nothing is permanent, everything is fluid.

reimagined wood

4.) One of my mantras-“bring the outside in”. Clip your flowers or weeping branches to bring indoors for a pleasant feeling space. The simple act of selecting your flowers, cutting them and placing them in an interesting vessel is a joyful experience. For days to come you reap the benefit of cheerful flowers next to your favorite chair, bathroom vanity or bedside table. Be lovely.

outdoors in

5.) Lighting. Remain mindful of your lighting needs. If you are entertaining or looking for a relaxing space to sit back and enjoy completing items 1-4 of this list, go for dimmed lighting mixed with candlelight. This ambiance allows for a softening of the edges and a calmer piece of mind.

layered lighting

6.) Finally, do not allow anything into your home that you do not feel to be useful or beautiful. Free yourself. Life puts enough baggage at our feet. Choose what you want to pick up and carry. Let it be a reflection of your self.

traveling light