There is always room to make a great first impression.

Curb appeal sets the tone for what is to come. If I see the exterior of a home is being groomed and cared for, I am going to assume the interior of the home is also given as much attention.

It is not difficult to achieve that first good impression. Take away any excuse to rationalize why you don’t have the time. I am telling you, it can be done. Nobody wants their home to look run down and unkempt. That’s the neighbors job, not yours.

Here are five affordable, easy steps to achieving curb appeal.

1.) Simply add a flowering container at the front door. You can even claim you planted it (even though the kind people at your local nursery put it together for you); we won’t know. Vary the plant and container size for depth and interest. Consider a boldly colored container for a little pop of interest if your entry is a bit plane Jane. (Even Jane looks good with a bold statement necklace).

entry planters

2.) Add window boxes to the front of your home. Just be sure and water them regularly because they have a tendency to get crowded and dried out in their. (Then the next thing you know, things are looking much worse than when you started this simple project, suddenly, you will find yourself being tempted to give in and all will be for not. You will have dead plants, broken window boxes hanging from their hinges and your home will be pointed out by others as the scourge of the neighborhood. Not good people. Not good at all). Sorry, tangent. As with the containers above, you will want to add at least 3 varying plant types. I suggest a trailing vine, a succulent and an annual flowering plant.

flower box window

3.) Mow your lawn. No, seriously, mow your lawn. It is the ultimate face lift for aging grass.

4.) Ground cover. Pine straw, bark, mulch, what’s your poison?

5.) Keep your walk ways and entry point blown off and clean as a whistle.

See? Easy-peasey. There is no excuse. If you can find one, let me know what it is, so I can disillusion you. Namaste.